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As coaching has grown in popularity and acclaim more companies and executives are open to the idea of working with a coach to develop their team, their companies and even themselves.

You might be looking on behalf of a CEO who has reached the top of the corporate ladder of his/her company who needs a confidential sounding board. Or maybe they’ve realized that they could get better results from their team, partners, direct-reports or board of directors by making some adjustments in the way they communicate and lead.

Or you may have a high potential leader who shows great progress and a likely long future with the company but who needs a little help smoothing out some edges or developing a stronger leadership presence.


Top executives are a great combination of brilliant, driven, intense and also underneath sensitive to a great many human factors. Yet in their quest to succeed in business they’ve often stopped listening to their deep intuitive voice or possibly never read felt the need to lead and listen in a different way.

And many executives are ready and willing to make a change and gain new skills and awareness’ but don’t necessarily know that to develop. Or how to develop. Or who to develop it with.


That’s where you and I come in.

You and I will work closely (yet efficiently because I know you’re busy) to identify what the right the development areas are and how to develop them once we know.


We start with a confidential meeting or phone call where you tell me about the executive in question and what you see as the development goals. At that time we’ll discuss what possible methodologies might be the right way to approach this executives development and possibly what assessments your company has used in the past and discuss what might be right for the present and future.


If we both think this is an engagement where I can effectively support the executive in question then we’d move on to scheduling a time for me to meet directly with the executive.

During that initial meeting we’ll talk and get to know each other and discuss what the goals of the coaching engagement might be. Also we’ll see if we get along well enough, communicate easily together and would likely enjoy the process of work together.

After that meeting I would circle back with you and discuss whether it makes sense to proceed. If we’re all in agreement that this might work then I’ll submit a proposal that summarizes and outlines the process and work we’d do together.


In my work with executives and HR/OD professionals it’s important to strike the right balance both maintain confidentiality of my work with the client and also communicating and being accountable to the company’s has hired me.

While the process of executive coaching is actually fun and exciting it’s primarily about developing the skills and awareness’s to have an impact on business results and professional development.

Together, we’ll work towards those goals.

I invite you to reach out to ask me any questions you have or to schedule a meeting or phone call to learn more about how I can support you and your company in developing your humans into better leaders.


If you’re working at a company who is looking for an executive coach please get in touch and we can discuss.

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