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What They're Saying About Us

“I've worked with David in three separate roles and he's helped me each time. Maybe I should say ‘he's helped me help myself;’ that's part of his approach: gaining deep understanding, guiding you toward possible solutions, encouraging you to try them, all in a way where he helps you discover what may've been there all along. I'm not sure if that's talent or skill, but whatever, he's got it and it works. Not only do I recommend him to you, I recommended him to my wife!”

–Lee Dollar Managing Director / Head of Branded Entertainment at L.A. Content Farm

“David can help you figure out what it is you want and how to go about getting it. He's a great, creative listener, one who helps you figure out what's going on in you, in your rational mind, in your subconscious, in your heart, and in the very real world you live in. He's a remarkable resource, a man of integrity you'll want in your corner and whom you'll be able to rely on for years to come.”

–Bill Megalos, http://www.billmegalos.com/

“Through our work together, I have been able to make a significant cognitive shift so that I can actually see myself achieving my gals and living the life I’ve dreamed about, instead of fearing the unknown.  I am excited about my plans, and David’s enthusiasm and encouragement helped me to believe my goals are achievable.”

–Barbara Balanger, Therapist

“As a result of coaching, I am now more aware of who I am and what I have achieved.  I’ve also been able to focus on where I’m heading, and start to take control of what I am doing, rather than being driven by ideas.”

–Bob Hughes

“David’s keynote address on finding your own unique sound as an artist was informative, entertaining and inspiring.  Usually a speaker is one or two at most.  During his workshops, he keeps his clients involved, participating, and listening.  This is no small feat at ten o’clock in the morning with a room full of musicians who stay up half the night and usually get up at noon. It was the perfect way to kick off a great event.”

–Harriet Schock http://www.harrietschock.com/

“David rocks: passionate, on-task, positive, flexible and lots of fun to work with. Months after my last session with him coaching me, I'm still appreciating insights that came up between us.”

–Brooks Elms, http://www.schooledthefilm.com/

“David's coaching is the best way to fast track my projects in Hollywood.  It’s the kick in the pants we all need to take our careers to the next level.  During the process I financed two movies and set up a network TV show.”

–Amber J. Lawson, Head of Video Programming, AOL

"If business is war, David Brownstein is a five star general.  With a rare capacity to unearth the roots of problems both professional and personal, David helps you devise a battle plan for your life.  At a time when I found myself feeling utterly defeated and powerless to change things, David showed me how to rebuild my confidence and how to reignite the passion for my career.  What’s most remarkable is that he didn’t offer a hand to help me get back on my feet.  He showed me that I had the strength to do it myself."

–Jeff Davis, Creator, Executive Producer, CBS/Touchstone Television. Creator/Executive Producer "Teen Wolf"

“Under David’s tutelage I was able to create, executive produce and star in a reality TV pilot that was an Official Selection of the New York TV Festival.  This experience alone has opened many Hollywood doors for me!  I give David my absolute highest recommendation as a life coach.”

–Dr. Diana Kirschner, Creator, Exec Producer & Star of Love in 90 Days Boot Camp

“In reviewing the year with David recently, I was amazed to discover that I have accomplished more of my goals than I had thought possible, and that the rewards are greater than what I had hoped for.”

–Karen Goldberg, Attorney

“Like having, in one person, an olympic trainer, a therapist, a dance partner, a guru and a member of the Spanish Inquisition.  David is like a wrecking ball with heart.


He's tranquil when I'm upset, gasoline when I'm on fire, a constant celebrator of my talent and potential.”

–Jennie Orvino, Writer, Producer, Performer

“David's work has always yielded terrific results. He engages in a process that is focused, respectful and challenging. New ideas start flowing, and David knows just the questions to ask and how to guide our work together. I highly recommend him to anyone who is willing to be a part of their own growth.”

–Bruce Daniel, http://www.themaplab.com

“I have found David to be one of the most positive, long-term forces behind my career and my general development as a successful human being. Our conversations catapult me to new levels.”

–Marty Holthaus, Production Coordinator, http://images.imdb.de/name/nm1055577/

“David is amazing at so many things, but the best is being an encouraging person that helps other people fulfill their dreams ... you can't ask for anything better.”

–Marvin Wadlow Jr.

“David has been the consummate coach in guiding me toward ownership of the strengths I already had within me as well as the discovery of what I am capable of doing in the name of my goals.”

–Caryn Casey, Screenwriter, Novelist

“David Brownstein allows the coaching process to unfold naturally.  He listens extremely well, and finds the perfect balance between reflecting what he hears and guiding you to meet your short and long-term goals.  His coaching expertise was instrumental in my development and focus as an independent filmmaker.  Thanks a million, David!”

–Eric Doyle, Filmmaker, San Francisco, CA

“Working with David for just a few short months, my life has transformed in very real and significant ways.  Once an initial skeptic of the coaching process, I have come to realize so many direct benefits of David’s coaching.  The results have been incredible!” 

–Frank Nibley

“Our coaching sessions increased my confidence, effectiveness, and ability to close deals. 


His experience as a film producer, music maven, and screenwriter makes him the ideal person to coach people in the entertainment industry.   

Working with David is like having a manager, a therapist, and best friend all rolled up into one. He's an invaluable compass, and I only wish he were small enough to fit in my pocket." 

–Jim Pasternak, Director Writer, Producer, "One Hell Of A Guy” Director: Certifiably Jonathan http://www.certifiablyjonathan.com/ Teacher at LA. Film School

“The New Year’s Evolution workshop was a truly amazing experience personally and professionally!  David’s teaching style, huge heart and grace helped me to see the forest through the trees and now I feel empowered, confident and excited for the New Year!”

–Kimberly Crandall, Actor, Producer, Acting Coach http://www.kimberlycrandall.com/

“Really good.  Uplifing, empowering and very specific.  No woo-woo stuff."

–Matteson Barcklay Actor, Writer

“David Brownstein is a positive, supportive, mentor who helps me hear what I'm saying.”

–Nicole Natale, Producer, Writer

“David is a delightful, non-judgmental person who gets what it is to be human, to be flawed, and yet he also sees how a person can be bliss-filled and glorious.”

–Susan Stewart Potter

“David is great at zeroing in on the things that block forward movement, and he doesn’t forget that each person is not only working toward a goal but needs nourishment on other levels as well.


Through his guidance and help, I have embarked upon the path that will take me exactly where I want to go.  And while I might have made it there on my own eventually, working with David allowed me to see much more clearly, much more quickly, and how easily dreams are realized when you have the right guide.”

–Teresa Cutler, http://www.inkwell-inc.biz/

“David has been a great resource of knowledge and inspiration for years.  He's helped guide my career with his coaching and seminars.  I would recommend him to anyone who is having challenges navigating through life and career.”

–Tom Bishel, Singer, Songwriter, http://www.tombishel.com/

“In one month’s time of working with David I literally couldn’t even relate to what I had stated as a limitation at the beginning of that month!  David totally supports me doing it my way, and challenges me to do it my way even more!”

–Tsahai Ungar, Writer, Performer, Entrepreneur

“David is my consigliere.  I have been more productive in the last month than I've been in the entire last decade thanks in large part to him.  It is with him that I negotiate the minefields of Hollywood, on creative, organizational and leadership levels.  He is a visionary and a true leader.  He is a fantastic listener.  His experience level on various assets of the film business and his client base gives me great confidence to include him in my small circle of trusted advisors.  I can only imagine if I had him ten years ago.  He is a catalyst of the creative and professional quantum leaps I am experiencing right now.”

–Vince Duque Director, AD, Writer. http://thealphaco.wordpress.com/

Dear David,

Thank you very much for speaking to our Women In Film Santa Barbara Networking Breakfast on Saturday, April 12th.

It was a tremendous meeting with equally enthusiastic responses from our members and guests.

I could tell by the questions asked that you were able to answer succinctly what was most important to those in attendance.

It was the first meeting of its kind for us. That is, interactive. It was very exciting to see everyone responding, asking questions, giving advice and helping the others around them.

Normally when a meeting is finished everyone jumps up and rushes the speaker to get as much “me” information as possible. This was the exact opposite. Though people did speak one-on-one with you later on, it was amazing that at the end of this meeting no one rushed you. They were more concerned with speaking with their “partner” and “newest best friend.” People were helping each other instead of focusing on their own needs and interests. I feel that it was the most life-changing, decision-making meeting we have ever had.

I found it interesting that people were still at the restaurant helping one another and discussing ideas even when we left the meeting. I am usually the last one out the door; however, in this case, the people who remained at the restaurant looked like they were intent on staying for a quite a long time.

The morning was a tremendous success, David. Teaching us how to live the balanced life, how to prioritize, how to say no, and how to help the person next to us is the best kind of meeting!! All that in one hour! Your seminars must be completely fantastic!

Thank you, too, for your informative handouts and your inspirational Circle of Life.


–The Women In Film Santa Barbara Networking Breakfast, Laurel Walsh, chair Leslie Gangl Howe, co-chair

As a coach David supported me, challenged me, and gently guided me during an important transition period in my life.

David’s natural and honest coaching style made me feel comfortable to be myself, which made me more effective at moving forward quickly.

One of the things I like most about being coached is that it’s one half hour a week that is completely focused on me. During our sessions, David was fully focused and intensely listening to what was going on with my process.

–Sara D. – Human Resources Executive

David is a respectful prodder, a curious explorer, an ally and a tutor. When we first began our coaching relationship a year and a half ago, I had just lost my job and was feeling relieved and ready for a rest. I didn’t feel the “need” for help. He asked, “Do you want to add coaching to the exhuberant state you are in now to kick yourself up to the next level, or do you want to wait 6 months and then work with me to pull yourself back up to zero?” That question was key. I said, “Of course, let’s kick it up several levels!” And we have.

I have made so much progress in my creative life that I couldn’t have imagined, from producing a CD, to working as a freelance writer, to getting involved in radio production. David helps me think big. At the threshold of each scary step I took, he was there, listening, asking, and reminding me of my past successes and lessons. At the same time, he doesn’t cross borders, seems to have a good sense of how much to push. He is also open to my pushing back. I feel honored when I say, “No, I don’t want to talk about that, or no, I don’t want to go there.” This combination of respecting my limits, yet encouraging me to go to the edge is a great aspect of his coaching.

David’s coaching affirms my growth and accomplishments in a satisfying way. He gives me questions to wrestle with and he helps me organize myself when I’m feeling overwhelmed with choices. Our coaching sessions feel like a safe place for me to be myself, and also to discover who I might be.

If people hire David as their coach, they will get beyond their “stuck” places, they will get a clear appraisal of their worth as a creative person, they will find great empathy and insight from one who has “been there” as an artist himself. They will find him a responsive counselor, a cohort, an advocate, an instigator, a shaman and a mensch.

–Jennie Orvino - Writer, Radio Producer

I have found David to be one of the most positive, long-term forces behind my career and my general development as a successful human being. He really listens. He helps me identify problems and come up with strategic solutions to those problems. When things seem rough, he offers me an encouraging perspective of who I am and what I am capable of doing – in a way that motivates me to take action. When his intuition leads him, he suggests ideas that challenge the very core of my being – in a way that is hard to refuse. Our conversations catapult me to new levels.

I highly recommend David Brownstein as a powerful resource in any person’s career pursuits. If you are in the entertainment industry, that recommendation is tripled because of David’s extensive experience in the entertainment industry and how it works.

–Marty H. – Production Coordinator

David has coached me for over a year. I began working with him because I felt “stuck” and unable to make some crucial decision. I felt anxious and confused. In large part because of the work I have done with David, my life is now much richer — I feel more confident in the choices I’m making and more satisfied by the result of those choices than I could ever have imagined. In reviewing the year with David recently, I was amazed to discover that I have accomplished more of my goals than I had thought possible, and that the rewards are greater than what I had hoped for.

David creates a true sense of partnership – from the beginning, it was clear that his role was to help me create and implement my own vision. He has a special ability to lead me just where I want to go by a combination of listening, questioning, challenging and reminding. He is structured enough to make each session productive, and yet flexible enough to respond to my shifting priorities, issues and concerns as I raise them. He is always punctual, prepared, and completely devotes his full attention to each session. He has a marvelous sense of humor, but he is also patient and gentle when strong emotions come up. I always feel safe with David, which has enabled me to take the kind of risks I needed to improve my relationships, professional life, and living situation.

David has consistently been able to get me to explore areas of my life that I’d resisted looking at for years. Each session with him leaves me feeling more in touch with what is important to me and more able to achieve it. In addition, he has very valuable suggestions for concrete steps I can take between our sessions that lead to dramatic growth and progress for me.

I would highly recommend working with David to anyone considering living a fuller, more satisfying life!

–Karen Goldberg - Attorney

A weekly conversation with David brings clarity, focus and achievement to my life. Our coaching sessions increased my confidence, effectiveness, and ability to close deals.

His experience as a film producer, music maven, and screenwriter makes him the ideal person to coach people in the entertainment industry.

Working with David is like having a manager, a therapist, and best friend all rolled up into one. He’s an invaluable compass, and I only wish he were small enough to fit in my pocket.

–Jim Pasternak, writer, producer, teacher, director, "One Hell Of A Guy.”

David Brownstein’s superb facilitation skills and down to earth leading style got our Senior Management Retreat off to a great start. He got my people talking in an open and honest dialogue that we had never had before.

David’s sharp instincts picked up on small comments that opened up into key discussions. Nothing was left swept under the carpet. We ended up with new clarity and focus that we’d never been able to achieve before.

Through continued work with him over the past year he’s opened my eyes to new possibilities and helped me get the best from my people: we’ve begun to work, think and act like a team!

–Rich Tackenberg. Executive Producer - "Kill Reality" on E! Entertainment.