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The New Hollywood Leader

Creative Career Workshop - 1/26/08

by David Brownstein

The Strike Isn’t Changing Hollywood…

The deep changes we’re seeing and contemplating have been progressing for years in quiet, lava-like slow motion. These changes ARE being highlighted and accelerated by the strike.

The internet has existed for years. The studios have been owned by big corporations for years. People have come to Hollywood with talent, a dream and varying degrees of a business plan for years.

The WGA’s choice to strike, and the AMPTP’s choice not to negotiate have combined to create an atmosphere of fear, uncertainty and stasis few of us have experienced in our professional lives. (Who knew the AMPTP would negotiate like suicide bombers?)

And yet the uncertainty was here all along. The shutdown of production, development and awards shows has simply unmasked the great uncertainties that have always been upon us.

The Big Questions

  • What am I doing in Hollywood?
  • What do I want out of my life?
  • What sacrifices (or choices) have I made in my life to have a career in Show Business?
  • Is my career going where I want it to go?

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LEADERSHIP SALON: An Open Discussion about Leadership.

by David Brownstein
  • Who are the most effective leaders in Hollywood Right now?
  • What leaders at which companies seem to be the most leadership challenged?
  • What do we mean by Leadership anyway?

The Hollywood Coaching Leadership Salon is a facilitated conversation among Entertainment industry professionals.

We’re dedicated to growing the mystical and misunderstood art of leadership in Hollywood to a fine, masterful art.

We’ll do this by beginning a conversation about Leadership that will challenge you to think, wonder, pontificate, act and become more aware of the concept, role and power of great leadership in Hollywood.

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War and Peace in the Writer's Room

by David Brownstein

I’m finally announcing my new program for Television Head Writers, Show Runners and Executive Producers called “War and Peace in the Writer’s Room.” It’s designed for teams of creative people to sharpen their leadership skills and get their team in sync.

It’s not for everyone, but I look forward to hearing your thoughts and welcome your support in getting this program to the hard working folks who’ll benefit from this. Thanks!


Head Writers
Show Runners
Executive Producers
Network Executives

  • What is the COST of a dysfunctional writer’s room?
  • What could your team create if you dramatically improved your own LEADERSHIP skills?
  • Wouldn’t it be cool to spend LESS TIME AT THE OFFICE and more time with your family?

Transform your team, your career and your life with:

War and Peace in the Writer’s Room

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2006 New Years Evolution

by David Brownstein

A Day of Visioning, Planning & Networking  For Creatives, Executives & Entrepreneurs

What are your goals for the New Year?
What will it take to bring them to life?
What changes are you ready to make?

This highly interactive, informative and inspiring workshop led by David Brownstein of HOLLYWOOD COACHING will give you the clarity, the inspiration and the support you need to make 2006 the best year ever!

"New Years Evolution was powerful! It’s success on rocket fuel and soul on wings"
—Larry Kay – Producer

Two Days to Choose from:

Saturday, Jan 7th –or—Jan 17th  10:00 am to 4:00 pm.
Wilshire Grand Hotel. 930 Wilshire Blvd, LA, CA. 90017

$119.00 — Register at the Door
$79.00 — Pre-Registration/Early Bird Price