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The New Hollywood Leader

Spring, Spring: Just Do It, Edition

by David Brownstein

After a quiet midwinter dip in energy (or was it a surge of reflective, nurturing energy) the Hollywood earth is thawing and ready for planting new seeds.

The entertainment landscape has certainly changed but it hasn't disappeared. Now is the time to reframe and possibly rebrand your career in accordance with the seismic shifts of the past 2 years.

I know I've used the past few months to do an assortment of things.

No Direction Home?

I've looked at where Hollywood is going and how I fit in. Both as a career coach and as a creative person.

I always talk with my clients about their need to continue to be creative in addition to working your day job or your hunt for a day job or your hunt for financing or whatever you're hunting for.

Continuing to create is an essential fuel for the fire that is our life as creative people. It sounds stupidly obvious, but how many of us have been looking so hard for the right creative "job" that we forgot to express and work in the creative part of our life that we do have control of.

You Know…

Writing a script, writing a song, taking a photo, shooting a web series or a feature or a short.

Or writing a spec. Or going to the museum. Or staying up late reading or writing.

Or waking up early and swimming in the ocean.

See a movie. Write a blog about what your love or hate or fear about the state of the industry or art or world or politics.

It's our job to follow the creative urges and to see where it leads or lands.

Fiscal Responsibility?

Of course we must be responsible to the day job and be responsible for our finances, that's a given.

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The Inner Game of Hollywood: How to Navigate Your Goals, Fears, Dreams, Strategies and Blackberry.

by David Brownstein

Ok. So first of all I don’t have a blackberry, yet, but many of my clients do. I see it sometimes propel them to new levels of distraction, hyperventilation, bad grammar and hastily typed shorter emails.

Which is fine, but I don’t have one and can’t say I recommend them, although I must confess that I’m tempted, and quite possibly by the time you read this I will have one. (Or maybe an iPhone.)

But here’s why. Multi-tasking is the enemy. I’ve come to truly believe this. It’s the enemy of depth, completion, focus and inner wisdom. It’s not just a multi-generational thing, or a male-female thing. It’s a cultural thing.

Wait, Where Was I?

Now, perhaps the concept of “multi-tasking” is relative. Of course it is. As I sit here writing, I’m listening to a mix of songs I created on my iTunes playlist from “Nightmares on Wax” (down tempo groove, with no vocals, although occasional vocal samples, which I’ll now terminate.)

Right I’m back. Where was I? Right. Distractions and stuff. Staying focused. Yeah, not multi-tasking, going deep, blackberry, good or bad, please discuss amongst yourselves.

So here’s the real thing. I read in a some metaphysical writing that it’s important to shut down the many distractions we have and voices talking to us, whether inside or outside our head, so that we can hear our own inner voice. This is important, the author states, because our inner voice waits till it’s quiet because the inner voice NEVER INTERRUPTS.

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"The Inner Game of Hollywood" Live in Studio City, CA.

by David Brownstein

I’ll be at “Jennifer’s Coffee Connection” in Studio City at 7:00 pm on Tuesday, Sept. 25th. Come on down and say hello.

My topic will be: “The Inner Game of Hollywood: How to Juggle Your Goals, Fears, Dreams, Strategies and Blackberry.”

Coincidentally, this is the name of my newly revised, remixed and re-edited book. Amazing!

“The Inner Game of Hollywood” is learning to navigate our careers and creations while balancing our elaborate strategies and plans with the non-linear, sometimes non-sensical logic of a cryptic Zen-master or a 5-year-old child.

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My New Book: “The Cosmic Mission of Hollywood”

by David Brownstein

I’ve recently completed my first book and it’s called “The Cosmic Mission of Hollywood: How to Stay Inspired and Productive in the Industry that Rocks the World.”

It includes many of my Ezine articles from the past two years as well as transcripts of some of my favorite talks and workshops.

Through my coaching and my workshops I’m hoping to inspire you: Hollywood Creators and Executives who are out there every day doing your best work for the good of your community, your world and yourself.

And sometimes it seems that no matter how optimistic and enthused we begin our day, working full time in the entertainment business can be exhausting and frustrating at times.

Therefore, my recommendation is that you find ways to re-inspire yourself on a daily basis. To remember what you’re doing here and why you signed up for this assignment. To bring that sense of magic and wonder that you first experienced as a young media maven into your current life as a deep in the trenches, full bodied pop culture creator.

My hope is that this new book will help you to remember who you are and what your purpose is by being in the business. And that the more you remember for yourself, the more you’ll inspire and support others to do the same too!

The Cosmic Mission of the Pop Culture Executive

by David Brownstein

Hollywood is the nerve center, the transformation center and broadcast center for ideas that influence the entire world. The thoughts, words and actions from here impact the globe.

Pop Culture Executives play a profound and pivotal role in the process of communicating new ideas and sharing experiences. The decisions made on a daily basis, for whatever bizarre or seemingly arbitrary aesthetic, financial, or political reasons, resonate and reverberate across the globe.

As creators and executors of the cornucopia of pop culture product, it’s in our best interest to be fully aware of the impact of our decisions, green lights and pet projects so that we may bring forth works of power and impact.

That’s not to say that everything has to be all happy and stuff — far from it. The full spectrum of expression is an important part in the development of a healthy culture and community. We long to see the light, the dark and all the slim-shadings in between.

What’s Important About pop Culture Product?

David Whyte, the writer and poet has said: “Art is the act of triggering deep memories of what it means to be fully human.”

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