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Communication Breakdown and "The Break-Up"

by David Brownstein

Really enjoyed “The Break-Up” this weekend, and so did the Saturday Night Marina Del Rey crowd I saw it with. I was primed knowing that it was less of a “Wedding Crasher” and more of a Relationship Drama with some funny parts, but really enjoyed it, and here’s what’s “important” about this movie.

“The Break-Up” really shows how bad communications can destroy a relationship (or a business for that matter.) When Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn’s character’s “Break-Up” it was really just an argument that got out of hand and spun out of control. Neither one actually wanted to break up, but in the heat of the moment, one character says, essentially, “Fine, that’s it, we’re through” and then the other character says, essentially, “well if that’s how you feel about it, then fine!”

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