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Who's On Your Transition Team?

by David Brownstein

November 4th was the day of voting, counting and analyzing the data, but the change has been occurring gradually for years.

Election day was a snapshot/freeze frame of a living breathing transformation in progress. 

Our world has been changing, our demographics have been changing, the economy has been changing and our careers and industries have been changing. 

And it's on certain days and at certain times that we stop and register a choice, count the votes, articulate what's changed.

Internal/External Shifts

The political landscape has changed. The world's economic fortunes are shifting. 

One of the many things that I believe Barack Obama's leadership will bring to Washington and the world is a new understanding of the nature of teamwork and collaboration in getting things done and making changes in our world and projects.

  • How will we help improve our global economy and our personal economy?

  • How will we change our actions and attitudes towards global warming and our reliance on oil?
  • How will we reinvent our careers and professional lives when the skills and jobs and money streams that once made us a good living are changing, shifting or outright disappearing?

The Big Change

The big answer, and the big shift, is that we'll be challenged to do it collectively: in teams, in partnership and in collaboration.

We're being challenged to solve problems that we've never faced before which will require answers and approaches to problem solving that we've never used before.

But now, working together with other people, brainstorming solutions, listening and being inspired by other ways of looking at and approaching problems are likely to be the best and perhaps only way out.

So What Does This Mean For You?

I'm recommending that you, like Barack Obama, create a Transition Team of your own.

  • Who are the people in your life that know you and what you're best at?
  • Who is able to listen to you and give you feedback about what you're best at?
  • What are the areas that you know you don't know?
  • How can you get help in those areas?

The Transition Team Challenge

I challenge you to create a team of advisors, whether you can get them in the same room or not!

Create a structure of regular conversation, maybe weekly, maybe more, maybe less.

Offer them something in return. Something you can provide that they value that will create a fair energy exchange. Maybe it's money, maybe it's a service you can provide, maybe it's a home cooked meal.

And watch what magic comes from the collaboration.

I'm discovering, over and over, that the more time I spend with people I like and care about the more I learn about myself, about them and the more I discover what kind of creation we can do together.

Best Use Of Down Swings

Since the dramatic financial market swings of the last months I've been spending much more time meeting with other coaches, consultants, friends and colleagues to talk and brainstorm and share meals and get to know each other.

I'm leaning about them and their lives and careers and they're learning about mine. But what always seems to happen is that we find some mutually interesting common ground of possible collaboration and connection.

And I'm always surprised that it's rarely exactly what I had in mind when I either agreed to meet them or asked them to meet me. Something unknown is waiting for us to create together.

Reach out

So I'm inviting and encouraging you to reach out, branch out and sit down face to face with the people in your life whom you've always enjoyed, but maybe not really gotten to know.

Or the people that you know well whose opinions you respect to discuss ways you can support each other or share contacts or dreams or wide eyed, blue sky dreams of a new world, business or creative project.

  • What magic can you create together?
  • Who will you invite to your transition team?
  • Will you create the space for unexpected creation?

What'd You Think?

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