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What Will You Accomplish Before The Next Strike?

by David Brownstein

It's Getting Weird In Here

There's never been a weirder time in the entertainment industry than the past 2 years. I'm not going to recount it here, if you're reading these words you know.

But I've been hearing two different trains of thought among aspiring and seasoned professionals.

Hello, Goodbye

One group says "I'm moving out of Los Angeles because nothing's been happening for me the past few years."

But other group is saying "I've got another 18 months before the next strike starts. Now's the time to make an extra effort to accelerate my career before the industry slows down again."

Of course, there's no guarantee that there will be a strike, and no guarantee that things won't get somehow get worse in the next few months.

But Here's My Prediction

The Film and TV industries will continue to make and sell product and some breakthrough hits will revitalize production and distribution.

TV production will somehow survive, possibly thrive and certainly reinvent itself and features will be rejuvenated by a new generation of indies. (Filmmakers and financing entities.)

So each of us will have to access different parts of our skill set to address different needs of the market and different ways to make a living to make different projects for different audiences that will be seen and promoted in different ways.

But that's not the point

The question is: What's YOUR plan?

What's your project?

What career changing product, plan or strategy will you put into play in the next 6 months that will elevate you to where you want to be when the tide rises and all ships rise in the next 18 months?

I'm serious

Starting thinking or talking about it. Get in a group, talk to like-minded creative people, book a session with me. Whatever. Get started. Now.

Be bold. Be inventive. Be creative. Be ambitious and fiscally responsible.

Word a little harder. Work a lot differently. Get better organized. Access your intuition? Dream more. Sleep and exercise more. Say yes to the things that get you excited. Say no to the people and projects that make you miserable.

Do Things Differently

Read some different magazines. Revive a lost project. Brainstorm new ideas with new people.

Work with a partner if you're used to working alone. Work alone of you're used to working with a partner. Do both if you're used to doing one.

Go to a financing workshop. Go to a dream workshop.

Get a stupid day job. Quit your stupid day job. Join a men's group or a women's group. Find a community. Create a tribe.

Decaf? Hi-Test?

Drink stronger coffee. Change to decaf. Go to an accupuncturist. Go to Acapulco. Travel where they speak with an accent

Sell your car. Decorate your bike. Ride the bus. Talk to a stranger at a coffee shop. Go to burning man. (OK, next year. )

The Horror

Watch 15 horror movies in 10 days. Write a romantic comedy in 21 days. Design an iPhone app in 5 days.

See a Broadway show and adapt it as a web series.

Ask a family member about their past. Tell a friend about your future.

Make up an insane plan to transform your career, Hollywood and the world in the next 18 months

Watch it happen in your mind's eye. Then figure out the first step.

For the next 2 weeks I'm doing special 90 Minute "18 Month Strategy Sessions for $195. These sessions will only be available for newsletter subscribers. (ie. you.)

You can do this without me, of course

But imagine how much fun you can have and how fast you will progress with a clear plan and some inspiring questions.

And I'm not just a remote observer of this moment in time.

I've got my own big 18 month plan too. I'm living the same program. You'll hear about it when it's time.

But the Challenge Is On

Bold move or Die. (professionally that is.)

Let me know your project and your plan.

What'd You Think?

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