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What Is Leadership Presence?

by David Brownstein

What Is Presence?

When we talk about presence, we're not talking about domination.

We're talking about the ability to be present in our self.

And to monitor and balance the needs and messages from our internal state with our external state AND our own business objective.

And only when we do that can we be aware of the other people's internal state and the other people's external state and business objectives.

Creating Safe Space

So leadership presence is really creating a safe space for others to speak the truth.

Safe, non-judgemental, and also, ultimately focused on a business objective.

So when we say Presence, we have to be able to be aware of whether WE are being present.

We have to first be present, and first be vulnerable and real, so that we can inspire others to do the same and to bring their presence.

Facilitate Yourself

So we have to be able to facilitate our self to become present, and to work our self through whatever crap is going on.

We must also be able to facilitate others so that they can feel present and that they can feel safe, so that they can get down to the business at hand.

So a leader must have their business agenda, and know what the goal is in the Meta-View, and also be clear enough about what's happening, what's present in the room right now, and take that as the departure point.

What's showing up and what's real is the starting point, regardless of our intended agenda, plan or schedule. 

What's Bubbling Up?

There's always something bubbling up, that's waiting to be said or waiting to be experienced, or waiting to be born, like it or not.

The best leaders can, by being present with themselves, (not dominating, not passive) be honest and vulnerable and open and forthcoming and forthright.

And… making the conscious choice to risk and reveal and be vulnerable with a stated objective, with a goal in mind, actually.

So we must do that with ourselves so that we can facilitate others to do that.

And THEN we can get the whole company, team or project going.

What'd You Think?

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