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The New Hollywood Leader

The Cosmic Mission of the Pop Culture Executive

by David Brownstein

Hollywood is the nerve center, the transformation center and broadcast center for ideas that influence the entire world. The thoughts, words and actions from here impact the globe.

Pop Culture Executives play a profound and pivotal role in the process of communicating new ideas and sharing experiences. The decisions made on a daily basis, for whatever bizarre or seemingly arbitrary aesthetic, financial, or political reasons, resonate and reverberate across the globe.

As creators and executors of the cornucopia of pop culture product, it’s in our best interest to be fully aware of the impact of our decisions, green lights and pet projects so that we may bring forth works of power and impact.

That’s not to say that everything has to be all happy and stuff — far from it. The full spectrum of expression is an important part in the development of a healthy culture and community. We long to see the light, the dark and all the slim-shadings in between.

What’s Important About pop Culture Product?

David Whyte, the writer and poet has said: “Art is the act of triggering deep memories of what it means to be fully human.”

Hollywood is constantly creating the new mythologies of the future by a combination of synthesizing, borrowing, and often times regurgitating both the accepted norms of American habit and custom as well as the lunatic fringy, bleeding edge, new age senatorial thoughts, beliefs and values into a constantly evolving Cobb salad of traditional and genetically modified conceptual ingredients.

But the bottom line is, people consume mass quantities of television, film and music because we’re starving for information about our human condition, our lives, our souls. We try to make sense of our experiences: the things we saw on the bus today, or the freeway, or the job. We try to paint by numbers and stay within the lines and play by the rules and we’re constantly tweaked to find that we’re dieing of compliance and boredom.

Most Of Us Don’t Know How We Feel

The truth is, most of us don’t know how we feel and don’t know to express how we feel either.

It is our cosmic mission, as pop culture creators, to develop, nurture, and bring to life the ideas that want to be expressed directly to the people who are hungry to hear, see and feel them, all channeled through the tightly defined creative and financial structures that are the ground rules of our daily existence.

It’s like a scientific/artistic problem to solve: how do I communicate this slice of the human drama in a way that can be produced, marketed, and distributed through the narrowly defined channel that brings our product to it’s end user every minute of the day?

The power and impact is awesome. The system is infinitely complex. The challenge is at times overwhelmingly amorphous, and yet at times frustratingly well defined and rigid.

Shipping and Receiving at Consciousness Central

Like a huge shipping or dispatching service for the inflow and outflow of ideas, Hollywood executives are fighting the good fight on a daily basis starving for new ideas and ruthless to the cliché. Championing an important element of the human experience and expression through the cutthroat jungle of those who fear or do not understand the idea.

We function in an environment that is truly survival of the fittest, where the best idea truly wins, where no one can stop an idea whose time has truly come, an idea that touches the hearts, minds, desires and pocket books of hungry pop culture consumers everywhere.

It’s our job to follow our own instincts, intuitions, desires and dreams to bring to life the ideas and projects that make us come alive. So that the audiences, consumers and community at large will be inspired, entertained and fully expressed to rise to act in a way that they will stand up, discover, and live their own cosmic mission for the sake of everyone who will be impacted by their inspired and powerful act.

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