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Spring, Spring: Just Do It, Edition

by David Brownstein

After a quiet midwinter dip in energy (or was it a surge of reflective, nurturing energy) the Hollywood earth is thawing and ready for planting new seeds.

The entertainment landscape has certainly changed but it hasn't disappeared. Now is the time to reframe and possibly rebrand your career in accordance with the seismic shifts of the past 2 years.

I know I've used the past few months to do an assortment of things.

No Direction Home?

I've looked at where Hollywood is going and how I fit in. Both as a career coach and as a creative person.

I always talk with my clients about their need to continue to be creative in addition to working your day job or your hunt for a day job or your hunt for financing or whatever you're hunting for.

Continuing to create is an essential fuel for the fire that is our life as creative people. It sounds stupidly obvious, but how many of us have been looking so hard for the right creative "job" that we forgot to express and work in the creative part of our life that we do have control of.

You Know…

Writing a script, writing a song, taking a photo, shooting a web series or a feature or a short.

Or writing a spec. Or going to the museum. Or staying up late reading or writing.

Or waking up early and swimming in the ocean.

See a movie. Write a blog about what your love or hate or fear about the state of the industry or art or world or politics.

It's our job to follow the creative urges and to see where it leads or lands.

Fiscal Responsibility?

Of course we must be responsible to the day job and be responsible for our finances, that's a given.

But as human's alive in the world today we're also responsible for staying inspired and creative and synthesizing and searching for meaning and magic.

Then sharing it with the people who're around us who might be hungry for or inspired by what we've discovered, uncovered or shined a light on.

Use the extra hours of light and bubbling energy rising up to plant new seeds for the rest of the year.

Lets assume this season is called SPRING for a reason and use the energy influx as leverage for the rest of the year. Feel the power surge. And if you don't feel it, hang out with someone who does and hang on for the ride.

What'd You Think?

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