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The New Hollywood Leader

New York Times and Hollywood Coaching

by David Brownstein

Hey! Coaching for Hollywood has made the New York Times. The holy grail of press, respectability and uptown acceptance for a former NY-er like me.

(here it is)

While I’m excited to read about this great new trend called life coaching, I actually believe that coaching can have a huge impact on not just the lives of the rich and famous but more importantly on the lives of people who are impacted by the work that emanates from Hollywood.

The more we learn about ourselves, our lives and our world the better we as filmmakers, tv producers, actors, directors, grips and agents are equipped to rock the world and have a positive, powerful impact.

As coaches we help our clients do more than finish their scripts and choose next projects. We further a deep discussion of values in our clients lives and help them to live, work and create from that perspective.

And when we know what’s in our heart, and we create from what’s in our heart our audiences are moved to do the same.

And when we develop our abilities as leaders, as conscious leaders, we help our collaborators and compatriots to do the same, to take responsibility for our lives, our jobs and our world.

And the world is watching closely for what Hollywood will think of next, but of course “Hollywood” is made up of men and women who work, dream, perform and collaborate for a living. And if/when coaching has a greater acceptance in Hollywood the world will reap the benefits a thousand fold.

PS: The New York Times article briefly mentioned my new Program called “War and Peace in the Writer’s Room.” It is an intensive program for writer, producer and creative collaboration teams that teaches the leadership and communication tools to strengthen and support personal relationships, increase creativity, develop trust and clean up the occasional mess.

It’s designed initially for teams of writers in high pressure “writer’s room” situations where the writing talent is creative but not so good at the leadership and interpersonal relationship side of the equation. Contact me for more info.

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The Blog Squad, on Mar 26, 07:37 AM, wrote:

Congratulations on the feature you got in the NYTimes! That ought to boost awareness for you. And a picture to boot. Hollywood is waking up!

Denise Wakeman a.k.a. The Blog Squad

Laura Young, on Mar 29, 05:40 AM, wrote:

Rock on! Now THAT is nice press. Love the name of the program, btw. It caught my attention when I read the article (I hadn't known of you before.)
Nicely done.