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The New Hollywood Leader

My Mission, And I've Decided To Accept It

by David Brownstein

I wrote a really long great article this month on the plane to Sundance.

However, I’m just going to send you the last part of it because I know your attention span is challenged. (As are all of ours these days.)

I may post the rest later but for now… lets all just create community. Shall we?


On Community And Mission…

I had a gathering of a small number of friends, colleagues and clients recently.

Because I had the presence of mind to get help with the party food and preparations I was able to have the time to think, actually. And be relaxed in the hours before people arrived.

And I thought about saying a few words when people were gathered there, but I didn’t, because it didn’t seem necessary at the time, but because the thank you I got was that they had all shown up, in my life, as well as my practice.

What I Realized Was This

I actually had a mission for my business and my coaching practice that I’d never articulated.

Here It Is

My mission for Hollywood Coaching is to create a Hollywood that is Healthy, Rewarding, and Enlightening.

And I can only do that when people show up in my life who’re hungry for that as well. (And  I’m not just talking about coaching clients.)

Just Showing Up

When people with a positive outlook show up at a networking event or a gathering or a meeting it allows me to bring and share my positive outlook and thoughts.

When someone makes a film or tells a story that facilitates or inspires a new way to see things, lives or the world, it speaks to that part of it’s audience members as well and allows them to see, feel or otherwise access lesser known parts of themselves.

I believe in a world that is growing, learning, expanding and getting generally, slowly smarter and more awake, aware and compassionate.

What I Believe

I believe that Hollywood, as in industry, is becoming that way was well. It’s hard to say whether it’s happening more slowly or more quickly than other industries but I have a feeling that it’s happening more slowly, actually.


The power disparity between those with power and those without seems great. And those who want to change their life, move to Hollywood, and live their dream of creating film, television, music or whatever, often feel grateful for the opportunity to be treated badly at some entry level stage of their career in the business.

That’s not to say that we shouldn’t work hard, pay our dues or do stuff that the folks back home would say is crazy.

I’m Not

Take that assistant job, that extra work, that office job if it’s what it takes to get an inside look at how the machinery works. But what I am saying is that for those of you who’re inside the machine, to whatever degree, I challenge you to challenge the paradigms of what’s expected at times.

You may not get exactly what you want. Or at least not now or at first. That’s ok.

The Challenge Is To Ask

Ask for some time off during the day to make a phone call that will benefit your career.

Ask your possible new manager if the strange things you noticed during your interview are they way they do things around here?

Ask your old manager if he/she will still work with you if you put your education first, even when it might mean missing some auditions or meetings.

Set the intention to create, nurture and develop relationship and business opportunities with people that you like, trust and believe in.

A community with whom you can explore, reveal and support each other in the challenges and vulnerabilities and successes of your career journey as participant in the evolving story that is Hollywood at this point in the world’s development.

Find Your Community

Create a new Hollywood that will help create a new world.


And speaking of building community…

Literati Schmooze – 2/25/10

Please join me at my  schmooze/hang/networking event. It’s my way of connecting my clients, friends and other interested professionals working in the creative industries and to meet up and chill out.

No RSVP. Come when you can. Trust the forces of randomness and synchronicity. Meet cool creative professionals. Be pleasantly surprised.

Date/Time: Thurs. – 2/25/10 – 7:00 – 9:00 pm.
Location: The Literati Café in Brentwood.
12081 Wilshire Blvd (At Bundy) Valet Parking available in the back. (310.231.7484)
(We’ll be in the cafe. Not the restaurant)

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