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Life Coaching in the New York Times - Again

by David Brownstein

Big article in the New York Times about LIfe Coaching. This one asking the musical question of whther you should have a life before becoming a life coach. Or more specifically it was talking about the many "young" life coaches in their 20's and whether someone so "young" had enough life experience to "coach" someone "older."

Here's what I posted as a comment on that article. 

"I'm a life coach, so obviously i believe in the value of the process. What seems worth pointing out here is that coaching is actually more about listening to our clients talk then telling them what to do.

Actually, listening well is a skill and something most of us don't get from friends, families and coworkers. When a coach is listening well, the client begins to notice themselves what matters to them and things become clearer to them. Then the simplest question will help the client take actions of their own design."

So congrats to all you new coaches out there whether "young" or "old."

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