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The New Hollywood Leader

LEADERSHIP SALON: An Open Discussion about Leadership.

by David Brownstein
  • Who are the most effective leaders in Hollywood Right now?
  • What leaders at which companies seem to be the most leadership challenged?
  • What do we mean by Leadership anyway?

The Hollywood Coaching Leadership Salon is a facilitated conversation among Entertainment industry professionals.

We’re dedicated to growing the mystical and misunderstood art of leadership in Hollywood to a fine, masterful art.

We’ll do this by beginning a conversation about Leadership that will challenge you to think, wonder, pontificate, act and become more aware of the concept, role and power of great leadership in Hollywood.

Facilitated by David Brownstein, CPCC, PCC and Kelly Carlin-McCall, MA, CPCC, the goal of this conversation is to get you thinking, talking, wondering and actually leading differently.

Come to listen, come to speak, come to ask questions. We don’t have the answers, but want create a space for great questions.

You’ll receive of complimentary copy of my proprietary Leadership Self Assessment Questionnaire for your own use, and we’ll talk about some of the leadership principles that the questionnaire will inspire you to ask.

This will be a small group of experienced Entertainment industry professionals.

Let us know if you’d like to help create the conversation.

Thursday – Oct 25 – 7:30 – Email HERE for address and logistics.

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