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Leadership Remix: Beyond The Composite Snooze

by David Brownstein

As a culture, and as a community, we are only recently beginning to understand, ask ourselves, and define, or actually redefine, leadership.

The word’s been around, and we hear it often. Yet the composite snooze we experience around the word is a result of its apparent emptiness. It
feels like tired corporate jargon because when the so-called leaders of business, industry or culture are asked about leadership they seem to have nothing to say that is inspiring, profound, or relevant.

Oh, It Was Nothing, Really

Maybe they’ll point to decisions they made, or anecdotes or experiences that may have inadvertently and unconsciously shaped them. Or missions, agendas or strategies that they seem to have led or overseen, and are thus receiving and happy to take ownership in, some bit of public, corporate, or artistic success.

Yet the essence of leadership remains a mystery, except, perhaps to the many coaches and leadership experts who go on and on about how important it is to do our best to articulate, describe, and teach what it is.

Hollywood Leadership Culture

Hollywood as a culture is a little late to come to the leadership awareness department. Hollywood culture is reluctant to develop in executives that they fear will not necessarily be around in 2 – 3 years. Yet ironically, companies that do develop and nurture their best people do manage to attract and retain their top talent.

Take Me To Your Leader. Please.

It’s been said that people don’t leave jobs, they essentially leave their manager. They may say they left for the money but the truth is that well managed, well supported people who are growing and thriving and creating and living will seek new challenges where they are, rather than fleeing the studio gates for greener pastures.

Next Month: Leadership Definied

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