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The New Hollywood Leader

Executive Coach, David Brownstein, is Developing Hollywood Leaders

by David Brownstein

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Los Angeles, California. October, 2006: “Hollywood is great at developing products, but not so great at developing leaders,” says David Brownstein, founder and president of Hollywood Coaching.

To this end, Brownstein announces Inside the Leadership Studio, his step-by-step coaching program, which develops essential leadership skills for executives, management teams and companies. To head writers, show runners and their teams, Brownstein brings the aptly named, War and Peace in the Writer’s Room. In the words of a recent client, “David is like a wrecking ball with heart; like having in one person, an Olympic trainer, a therapist, a dance partner, a guru and a member of the Spanish Inquisition.”

Designed specifically for the entertainment industry, Brownstein’s executive coaching and leadership development programs are changing the way writers, executives and producers define what it takes to be a leader in Hollywood.

A former producer and director, Brownstein is certified by the International Coach Federation and was featured in The New York Times, March 2006 article, And I’d Like to Thank My Coach, which focused on life-coaching in Hollywood.

“Executive coaching isn’t therapy,” says Claire Tristram of the magazine Fast Company. “It’s product development, with you as the product.” When it comes to managing and inspiring creative teams, it’s better trained, more effective leaders Hollywood needs.

“There’s a big difference between being the boss and being a leader,” says Brownstein. “As brilliant as many of these people are, a great many of them are in over their heads when it comes to running a successful company.”

Not to mention the way they think about the dysfunctional side of Hollywood. “Most of my clients want more satisfaction from their work, but don’t know how to get there.” With tangible, bottom-line results, inside expertise and practical business applications, David Brownstein is everything a manager should be, but usually isn’t.

Consider the writer, successful on the staff of a TV show and suddenly he’s running a room of 12 writers. Or the producer, successful in film or TV and suddenly she’s running a production company. Or the executive, who finds great success and suddenly he’s running an entire studio. They’re at the peak of their success and rising fast, but they’re out of their comfort zones; powerful, talented and well connected, but their leadership skills are underdeveloped or missing entirely.

Hollywood is finally catching on to what Fortune 500 companies have long known: Leadership development creates a competitive advantage, which results in highly skilled, more effective leaders and more profitable companies. Just ask any of Brownstein’s clients, creatives, executives and leaders from (to name a few) ABC-TV, NBC-TV, CBS-TV, Sony Pictures, Touchstone Television, Warner Brothers Television, The Walt Disney Company, HBO, E! Entertainment, Bravo, MTV Networks, ICM, William Morris Agency and BBC-TV.

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