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Creative Career Workshop - 1/26/08

by David Brownstein

The Strike Isn’t Changing Hollywood…

The deep changes we’re seeing and contemplating have been progressing for years in quiet, lava-like slow motion. These changes ARE being highlighted and accelerated by the strike.

The internet has existed for years. The studios have been owned by big corporations for years. People have come to Hollywood with talent, a dream and varying degrees of a business plan for years.

The WGA’s choice to strike, and the AMPTP’s choice not to negotiate have combined to create an atmosphere of fear, uncertainty and stasis few of us have experienced in our professional lives. (Who knew the AMPTP would negotiate like suicide bombers?)

And yet the uncertainty was here all along. The shutdown of production, development and awards shows has simply unmasked the great uncertainties that have always been upon us.

The Big Questions

  • What am I doing in Hollywood?
  • What do I want out of my life?
  • What sacrifices (or choices) have I made in my life to have a career in Show Business?
  • Is my career going where I want it to go?

There’s soul searching going on in every office, every laptop, every Starbucks, and every picket line.

And like any good soul searching, if we’re asking the questions that are really important, it can be a combination of scary and exciting.

The Opportunity…

And if you’re willing to do the scary, exhilarating soul work of personal and professional reinvention on the other side you’ll see great opportunity.

The clichéd truisms do sometimes apply: "Feel the fear, and do it anyway" and "The only way out is through."

So the good news is, that the strike has created an instant and undeniably scary situation that puts us face to face with the big questions and issues of our life.

We usually avoid these fears because: (drum roll please…) THEY’RE SCARY! But now that we’re in the middle of them, we’re actually closer to the other side, and if we stay engaged in the process we can turn this challenge into an opportunity.

More Questions

  • What are the important things in your life that you "haven’t gotten to yet?"
  • What dreams that you had when you first got into the business no longer serve you or your life?
  • With what you know now, with who you are now, what entrepreneurial plays or opportunities would you move towards now IF YOU KNEW YOU COULD NOT FAIL?

Career Reinvention Day – 2008

I believe that we can turn the strike break into an opportunity to start doing amazing things: reinvent our careers, create the lives we want to have, increase our creative output, and increase our financial security if we spend the time to do the thinking, planning, exploring and getting support.

That’s why I have created a ONE DAY CAREER REINVENTION on Event JAN 26th to help creative people do exactly that.

This powerful day will walk you through the steps of getting clarity on where you are now, where you want to be, and what are the steps to get there.

You may show up confused, curious or skeptical but I guarantee you’ll leave excited, motivated and energized. (And if you show up energized, you’ll leave even more energized and with a bunch of great new friends.)

Here’s what people have said about this workshop:

"This workshop was powerful. It’s success on rocket fuel and soul on wings."
—Larry Kay. Children’s Media Creator & Producer

“Great group. Great work. So glad I came!”
—Robert Koch. Actor/Writer/Comedian.

“Thanks for the workshop today… I feel much more grounded now… which means … of course, that I’m ready to learn how to fly.
—J. O. Playwright/Screenwriter.

Jan. 26, 2008 – 9:00 am – 5:30 pm
Wilshire Grand Hotel – Downtown Los Angeles
$249.00 at the Door
$99.00 Early Bird Special
Click Here to Register as an Early BIrd!

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