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Are You Doing More By Doing Less?

by David Brownstein

Radio Silence

I love doing my ezine and the schmoozes and feedback I get from many of you and the correspondence and community it builds.

And I also realized how much time and creative brain cells it takes (for me) and I wanted to experiment with a different choice.

Here's What I Learned

Almost anything I focus on starts to expand and take a lot of time. Since my time and brain cells are not unlimited it’s important to be brutal about how I spend them.

No matter how much time I think certain things “should” take they always take as much time as they’re going to take. Which is generally a lot more than I think/hope/want. (See “What’s Your Chinese Democracy?)”

Here's What I Gained

I got deeper into things that were bigger, scarier and had more potential reward.

I was tired of telling my own coach that I didn't have time to do some of the stuff that I thought was really important.

A Meditation On Procrastination

By giving myself enough time to actually get to the “really important stuff” I realized that once I faced these projects directly I could discover what was really going on.

Yes, sometimes fear. But mostly I discovered that there were sub-tasks to be done before doing the actually “big scary thing.”

Somewhere in my awareness or consciousness I knew it wasn’t time or I wasn’t ready, but just didn’t have enough information.

It was sort of easy, or perhaps a reflex reaction to give myself a hard time or thing I was procrastination when actually I was just so “busy” doing “stuff” that I hadn’t discovered what the actual first step was.

Giving myself (and my projects) the gift of time and space allowed me to actually give voice to what was really going on, and what was really the next step.

So, What Can You Stop Doing?

What “important thing” in your life/work/career is getting in the way of what’s really important?

Be really brutal. Or really strategic.

What one big project are you never getting around to?

What habits,; patterns or decisions are getting in the way of that?

What would it feel like if you really made progress on that one big thing?

Where would it take your life/work/career?

Take A Chance

Do a little less.

What'd You Think?

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