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The New Hollywood Leader

What's Your Career Objective?

by David Brownstein

Wow, have I seen a lot of resumes in the past two years! Not as many as people who're actually hiring but I see a lot as I work with clients looking for new jobs or opportunities. Now more than ever, it's important to be clear and specific about what sort of gig you're looking for. The main reason is because it helps you find the right company or project for you. In addition it helps other friendly people help you by knowing who to send you to.

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by David Brownstein


Where are you going in your career? This 60-minute session will be laser-focused on you and your creative career goals and strategy.

  1. Click the BOOK A SESSION button and pay for the session by credit card.
  2. We both get an email confirmation of the payment.
  3. I'll contact you ASAP to find a time for our meeting (if you're in LA) or our phone call (if you're anywhere else in the world.)
  4. You'll send me an email with your resume, bio or whatever else you'd like me to know about you before we talk. You're welcome to write me about where you're at, where you've been and where you're going and I'll read it before we talk.
  5. Once we confirm a time for our session you'll call me at the number I'll provide and then we'll have a focused, creative, strategic and powerful conversation about your career.
  6. At the end, we can talk about how we might work together in the future if we both think there's value.


Year End Retreats - Keynote Speeches

by David Brownstein

How will your company adapt to the New Challenges, New Issues, New Conflicts and Daily Clash of Ideas and Opportunities that are coming your way, like it or not?

As the fall season evolves and the end of the year is near many companies are planning their Year-End Retreats and Off-Sites.

I’m taking this opportunity to reach out and see if you or your company are ready to get your Leadership Team, Production Team or Creative Team to get in sync with clarity and focus.

I work closely with leadership teams and creative/business partners to develop a Custom Designed Retreat/Off-Site that will keep everyone engaged and involved, and leave them energized and refocused.

Here’s a taste of me in action when I gave a TEDx Talk on Leadership Lessons from Hollywood. In this 17-minute talk I talk about the unique challenges Hollywood’s creative leaders face and give powerful steps towards how to manage the unique challenges we face.

This is just one of the Keynotes I can deliver to your company that can lead into a powerful one day or multi-day off-site or retreat.

If you’re in the planning stages of a retreat this year let’s talk about Your Goals, Your Challenges and the Changes in Progress at Your Company. Together we’ll create the synergy, conversation and vision required to make powerful change for the year ahead.