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Career Change and Strategy for Individuals

Career Change and Strategy

Our work together to design your new career direction may include the following Phases.

  • Phase One: The Big Picture Life/Work Overview
  • Phase Two: Branding and Strategy:
    Who are you now, how do you fit into the current market and how do we articulate that?
  • Phase Three: Marketing Strategy and Outreach:
    Getting you out there. Going to Market.
  • Phase Four: Follow up and Call back Strategies

Here are some of the areas we can focus on in our strategy session to help get your creative career where you want it to be.


The Upward Move

Been passed over for a promotion or a raise? Want to stay where you are but not sure how to plan your ascent?

Get Me Out Of Here

Lets plan your exit strategy and figure out the right place for you. What part of the industry? What kind of position? How can you re-brand and revitalize your career path?

But What I Really Want To Do Is…

Direct? Produce? Write? Act? Open a business? Retire? Or just simply love your life and your work and getting up in the morning.

Resume/Bio/Demo Reel

Is it time to overhaul your resume? Do you need a bio? Cover letter? Have you updated your reel? Which of these things is relevant for you? Has it changed in the past few years?

Project Review

Which projects will you focus on next year? Which projects went stagnant this year?

Business Plan

How will your project or business become or stay profitable?

Hollywood Careers

TELEVISION WRITERS: Showrunners or Writers on the Showrunner track who want to improve their skills at leading their writers room, their executive team, their cast and crew and their Network President.

FILM AND TV PRODUCERS with several shows on the air or in development who're looking to improve their ability to run their company, develop and discover talent and keep their shows, teams and company running effectively and efficiently.

TV SHOW'S IN PROGRESS: Leadership, Communications and Crisis management support for shows in progress. Areas of specialty: Showrunner support, creating maximum efficiency and minimum stress among between writers, executives and producers.  (See Seven Banana Peels of First Time Showrunner.)

PERFORMERS, CREATIVES and CELEBRITIES: Who are looking for more enjoyment, balance and control of their career creatively and personally. Either in cooperation with a formal Agent/Manager support team or not, our goals will be to discover what’s missing from your success and results so far to experience the satisfaction of high functioning creativity and impact.

TALENT REPS (AGENTS and MANAGERS) who are juggling the careers of a large number of clients and don’t have the time to really listen to the concerns and issues of clients. In addition, they are not trained in the listening, facilitating and coaching skills to help their clients get to the bottom of their issues and make the most powerful strategic choice quickly and easily.

DIRECTORS who are stalled getting their next project, looking to move into producing, or ready to re-brand or refocus their career and reputation. 

ACTORS who looking to create a breakthrough project, start a production company, or change the momentum or perception of their career.

BELOW THE LINE CREW: I’ve helped DP’s, Editors, AD’s, PM’s, Designers, Line-Producers develop strategies to get themselves back in the mix of  available jobs and to re-work their resume and demo reel, and successfully re-brand themselves and stay relevant in a changing industry.


Network and Relationship Building

Who will you need to know to make your projects happen? Who’s already in your address book that can help you if you ask the right question?

Creative Mojo Recovery and Rejuvenation

Are you inspired? Have you forgotten why you got into the business in the first place? Feeling burdened by your projects rather than excited?

Marketing Plan

Is it time to sell your project? What companies are right for you? What attachments will you need? What contacts?

Productivity and Getting Stuff Done

Are you getting stuff done or spinning your wheels? Do you know when to focus on completion rather than perfection?

Writing Plan and Project Priorities

If you’re writing what projects will you focus on? When will you find your writing time?

Team and Talent Management

Is your team ready to expand? Contract? Need more help? More hands? More outsourcing? More options? Less options? Better use of internal resources?

Social Media Strategy

Should you have a more aggressive social media strategy? Should you be on Facebook? Linkedin? Twitter?