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How did you get into coaching Hollywood?

I was a working producer and an aspiring screenwriter and I just got burned out. I'd produced films, television, music videos commercials, video games, virtual reality and high end computer graphics. While on a hiatus from the film business I discovered coaching as a process that helped me get refocused on what mattered to me in my life and what part pop culture plays in my life and my world.

Once I got my own life in better balance and perspective I realized several things. One, is that I must do my own creative work to be happy in my life. Two, that these coaching skills and processes could be of great use to people in the entertainment industry.

It feels great to be working with filmmakers and executives to be more aware of their impact on the world and that creating a balanced life for themselves can actually be a great thing for their careers.

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What’s your philosophy about creative expression?

I believe that everyone has a unique personal expression and vision. We each bring a unique combination of skills and vulnerabilities to our work and life and part of what I do is help people follow those true voices in the back of our mind. The ones that surface when our mind is quiet and grounded. The ones that are most true for us yet can often seem in conflict with other people's agendas for us.

I believe if we're doing our best and most personal work, our life will be more satisfying and ultimately more commercially successful.

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What’s important about coaching in Hollywood?

Hollywood is literally the broadcast center of the world. The ideas, themes, images, visions, words and sounds we create here are transmitted across the globe and back.

By working in the entertainment industry we have an opportunity to shift the beliefs, awareness, social conscience and patterns of human evolution. Our product makes people laugh, cry, feel, learn and grow. As a coach, I love getting the opportunity to encourage and support filmmakers to make choices and take chances that will create a more awake, aware and loving world.

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What kinds of clients do you have?

I work with writers, producers, actors, production companies, executives, agents and anyone else who wants more from their life AND their work.

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What kind of challenges do entertainment industry clients have?

In the entertainment industry we have the incredible good fortune to be doing work that's close to our hearts and impacts many people. The downside can be that it's challenging career path with no guarantees and the need to constantly reinvent and reevaluate our lives and our career. Yikes!.

Also, since we've been freelance most of our lives there's not a lot of traditional "job stability." And since we often work on "projects" rather than having full time jobs, there a constant need to structure our time in productive ways without driving our selves crazy.

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What’s makes you unique as a coach?

I'm fairly unique in that I'm a certified professional coach (CPCC) and an award winning producer who's worked in almost every entertainment medium. I also continue to do my own creative work which keeps my in touch with the ups and downs of my own creative process. I'm constantly reminded how hard it can be to get our work done, and I'm constantly reminded how amazing it feels when the creativity is flowing.

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How Will We Work Together?

We'll start with either a phone call or a meeting where I'll ask you about what's going on for you, where you want to go, and what might be getting in the way for you, if anything. We'll design a program and a plan for the future that will get you where you want to go.

Then, through weekly phone calls or meetings we'll set weekly goals and tasks that I'll hold you accountable for. Together we'll track and celebrate the progress, keep an eye on your goals and pay attention to the learning and challenges as you master them.

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How do we start?

You call or email me. We set up a time for an initial conversation. We work together and explore what we'll focus on in future work together and determine if we want together.

If so, we'd start with a two hour "discovery session" where we really design your program and layout our intentions for future work. Then it's weekly calls or meetings to keep your work on track.

Get in touch.

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