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Business Coaching Group - June 18, 2012 at 2:00pm


If you’re running a business, starting a business, involved in a business, or thinking about doing any of these.

You might have a production company running out of an office, a tech start-up running in your garage, a food related business running out of your kitchen. Or any of these running out of your laptop and wherever you can get a wireless signal.

While my “Career Group” is more about individuals seeking a job at a company or clarity in a freelance or creative pursuit the “Business Group” is for people who are:

Working with partners or employees in a venture intended to make money by selling a product or service, or otherwise ready to create a business that is bigger than just yourself.

Self funded, investor funded, or in any transition between the two.

Looking to sell, service or market a product or service that will be of interest to a new or emerging business area.

So this 8-Week process will help you get clarity on:

    Your Product, Your Service, Your Business
    Your Skills, Your Priorities, Your Productivity
    Your Current or Future
    Your Long Term Strategy and Short Term Strategies
    Financial Projections And Cash Flow
    Developing a Sales, Marketing and Business Development Strategy
    How Does Your Life Fit Into Your Work and Your Work Fit Into Your Life?




One of the benefits of working in a group is having other people hearing your talk about your business. Asking simple questions that we might not have thought about ourselves. Suggesting a contact, an article or an idea that inspires another idea. You know. Synergy.

Lets get your business moving.

Cost: 6 Weeks: $497.00 – Pilot Price for Ezine Subscribers (This means you - if you haven't signed up already, sign up for the Free Advice on the right.)


    6 - 90 Minute group coaching meetings in person in Los Angeles (Westside Location.)
    3 - 30 minute individual phone coaching sessions with me.
    Weekly accountability partner
    Private Facebook Page for the group for support, feedback and leads.

THE GROUP STARTS at 2:00 pm, June, 18th, 2012.


CLICK HERE TO EMAIL ME NOW - just put "I want to start" in the subject line.

Lets bring your business to the next level.


PS: If you have limited time and would prefer doing a telephone/webinar version of this please let me know and I’ll see what I can do.





Diversity Panel at Black Hollywood Film Festival

Lots I'd like to say about this but all I have time for today is that I'm really excited about the Diversity Panel I'm Moderating on Friday (10/26) at the Black Hollywood Film Festival at the W Hotel in Hollywood. 


I've been interviewing my panelists this week and we have a great group assembled. Vice Presidents from CBS, NBC/UNIVERSAL, ABC, Warner Brothers and the WGA will be speaking. 

It may not sound so exciting on the surface but in my phone calls with them this week I asked them about "What are some things you never get asked but would like to say about your programs, diversity in Hollywood etc?"

They have PLENTY to say and I'm going to give them a chance to say it. Yes, they'll be briefly discussing the programs they each have at their studios (mostly for writers and directors, but a few for actors, production and executives.) 

But I'm excited to get into their perspectives, observations and things they've learned from their programs over the past years. It's fascinating and actually really important and relevant to anyone looking to break into the top tiers of Hollywood. 

It's going to be a great session. Hope to see you there. 






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