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Leadership & Executive Coaching for Companies

I work with Networks, Studios and Production Companies to develop and enhance their organization's leadership. To get a taste of what I bring to the table, view my Hollywood Leadership videos.

A Brief Overview of Potential Development/Consulting/Coaching Areas:

Looking for an Executive Coach in Los Angeles, CA?

If you are an Executive or Human Resources professional looking for an Executive Coach based in Los Angeles, CA please visit my Executive Coaching Website. www.davidbrownstein.com 

New and Ascending Executives

  • Assembling and managing your leadership team
  • Better reporting to their managers
  • Better delegating and empowering teams and direct reports
  • Improved communicating
  • Prioritizing multiple projects and teams

Dysfunctional Creative Teams

  • Better product with happier writers
  • More efficient executives
  • Better, cheap and faster shows (dissolving the producer's paradox)

Key Talent

  • Minimizing and mitigating misbehaviors and publicity problems
  • Work/Life Balance strategy
  • Career Strategy and Project Selection Priorities
  • Creative Rejuvenation and Inspiration
  • Developing New Business Relationships

Conflict Resolution and "Creative Differences"

  • between key players (writers, producers, directors, star talent.)

Increased creative business model problem solving

  • improved relationship with sponsors, advertisers and affiliates
  • increased AD revenues, licensing and sales
  • board of directors and investor relationships and communication

Interdepartmental Communications And Synergies

Entry to come soon...